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“Are the refugees who came to Germany in the Paradise?”

Author: Hemn Nanakali
Date of publish: 02.04.2017


Often we are heard that the refugees were survived and they are now living in the Paradise. A half of this sentence is true. Yes they are survived but they are not in the heaven. Because of the load on the Federal Office for Refugee and Migration, a huge number of the Asylum applicants are still waiting for their results. Also, a number of them have gotten negative results. It is a quite blurred situation; each one has its own story. As a researcher and Journalist, I wanted to do some interviews with those people in order to explain some issues.

On 06.05.2016 I have been invited by Mss. Underberg, Mrs. Hendriksten and Mrs. Paule in Rheinberg Stadt. After some time, three of us visited the refugee camp in Xanten. The aim of the visit was to see what project is suitable to be prepared or how can we serve those refugees. After a formal introducing to the head of the camp, both Mrs. Hendriksten and Mrs. Paule have left and I stayed there.

Those people were diversified in nation, nationality, and religion. Some of them were Kurd (Sorani and Badini), Arabic from Iraq and Syria, and Christian and Muslim from Iraq and Syria. From 12:00 until 15:45, I could interview 15 persons, which 14 of them were male and one female. The main unstructured questions were “Why you left your country and you came to Germany?”, and” What do you feel now?”
All answered that they escaped from their countries because of war and no hope for their future in their countries. As two of the Syrians, they were Christian, said that they were studying engineering at university but they didn’t finish. After the change in Syria, they fled to Germany in hope to finish their studies and assure their life here. They said that German’s study quality in unique. The Iraqis were not searching for study; however, the Kurdish were hopeless of the Kurdish government besides the ISIS threats.

– “From a despair to another”
The second part of the answer wasn’t understood. Frankly, they were feeling secure in Germany. But, this feeling was not enough to satisfy them. Most of them were waiting for their case response. As I felt they were thinking such as a prisoner but in another style. They were desperate as well, all of them they were disappointed for the promises that have given from the other people. It seemed that before me, a number of people have visited them, and they said that most of the promises did not become real. They were very eager to learn the German language in order to contact some people and to find a job. One more point should be added; I posed some ideas such as to help some elder people as a volunteer, they accepted and were pleased. Unfortunately, the end of this action was not better of the other promises that have given to those people. Today, I phoned one of those people, he said that he has no response so far from the Federal Office for Refugee and Migration. I would ask you, reader, can you imagine how can someone manage his life in Germany without residential permission?