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If a wrong person is in a right place he will say “I do what I want”
Author: Hemn Nanakali
Publish date: 23.04.2017

These words sound very bad when they come out of the mouth and smell very nasty. Especially when they are from someone in a position of power and he sees himself and becomes conceited then forgets himself and acts strangely. This behaviour appears in two cases. First, when this person has spent his career under bad commands before and wants now to revenge somehow. Second, or might be he naturally hates those people who are under his rule. In both situations, it is not acceptable and an abnormal.

On 20.04.2017 in one of the Germany’s cities, an Asylum applicant his name is Mr A, he visited the foreigners Authority for extending his stay permission. Mr A is an Asylum applicant since 2015, he has been interviewed once on 12.04.2016 but he got a negative answer. His lawyer found many mistakes in the report that has been written by BAMF. Then the lawyer sued BAMF again. On 11.01.2017 the court has approved on the free cost for the process, as the lawyer told him that this free cost approval is a good sign for Mr A.’s case. Worthy to be mentioned, on 26.01.2017 the lawyer has informed the foreigners Authority about this free cost approval and also mentioned that Mr A. is still Asylum applicant.

Before his interview, he presented all his documents to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), they were flight tickets, residential permission, articles, photos of his civil activities and some other documents. His articles were on terror and on the government performance. But he said that the interviewer was not translated even one page of those documents that he presented. More than this, the interviewer has asked him “When and why you came to Germany” those answers were already in the presented papers. Mr A. said that “I surprised when the interviewer asked me about my arrival date in Germany”. Also, Mr A. mentioned that the interviewer asked him a question about if he is a political person or not. In his home country, the political person is that person who is a member of a political party, so he answered: “No I am not”. This question was very deceitful because when someone says I’m a journalist and I was writing on radicalism and corruption. Besides, he presented so many documents and photos for proof. So where is the rationality to ask such question like this? But this happened.

Return to 20.04.2017, from 7:20 morning till 12:15 Mr A. waited until his turn came. The employee called his number which was 12 and they went to his room. Very politely Mr A. gave the employee his permission paper to be extended and a confirmation from Caritas. It has been written in the confirmation that Mr A. has a competence course and practical from 12.04.2017 until 04.07.2017.

Worthy to be mentioned, Mr A. was participating each day in the morning in a preparation course by Caritas and minimum two times in a week afternoon by WBI institution, all of these things not worked. The employee insisted to not give him long extension more than one month, although he said “I give what I want, I can give you six months and I can give you one-day it is my decision, I give what I want. But I give you just one month. If you are in a course or any other things, it is not my problem. Also, he said if someone gave you a permission for working, it depends on him but I will not give you any kind of permission”. Mr A. very politely thanked him and he said ” I do respect your job, but I have right to ask if there is possibility to help me, although thank you and have a nice day” and he left him.
This real story is one in a thousand. As a writer, I am wondering when I am hearing that like this employee is still in the public institutions and especially those which are in direct touch with the refugee. When the Germany government is spending a huge budget to serve the refugees. Nonetheless, an army of the organizations who are taking care and facilitating the refugees’ lives. Last but not the least, the voluntary efforts of the civil Germans who have opened their hands to help those people. As I heard some German people, they bought and brought bedroom and the other stuff for the refugees free of charge. All of these are very appreciable. Then someone like this employee comes instead of being a good represent and shows a nice face of the government to the people, he is destroying everything. As someone has told me “He is the wrong person in a right place”.