Better Teaching: On July 2016, we have participated a course in TU-Dortmund for better teaching in the high education.

Refugee's Motivating: On April 2016, We have visited the refugee camp in Xanten in NRW, Germany in order to prepare some programs.

Reintegration Course: A group of our members has participated in a workshop on reintegration and networks of the migration & development and policy approaches.

Enhancement of the Rural Areas in NRW: The bottom-up approach in Germany is very familiar. When the government wants to do something, the meso level is contributing to the program to reflex the right image of the problem. We participated in three days conference and we did a great role as well.

Welcoming Refugees: In 2015 we participated in an activity for welcoming the refugees in Germany.

N-AERUS-Network Association of European: On 17.11.2015 we participated in the conference of Researchers on Urbanisation in the South in Germany on the title of " Who wins and who loses".

Intercultural Programs in 2013: Germany as one of the destination place for the refugee, each year spends a great budget for the integration programs. As a group, we participated in this activity as well.

Multi-location Conference in 2014: The human residence is accounted as a main criterion for the planning. Multi-location has also considered as a type of migration, as it has been discussed in this conference. As a group, we have participated in this academic forum.