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Do we integrate?
Author: Hemn Nanakali
Publish date: 14.05.2017


Germany as one of the opened arm country for refugees at the international level, each year spends a huge amount of budget for the integration programs. The Integration program is to adapt the new arrivals of refugee, migration to the German’s society. Most of the arrivals are from the Middle East or from the South Asia or from Africa. As there is no doubt that they have a different culture and religion, or maybe they are not familiar with the Germany’s system. But who come to somewhere, he/she should adapt his/herself to the new environment.

The key to the integration is a language for communicating. A common language always is the only tool, which it plays a big role among people for understanding each other and to live together. Therefore, the new arrivals must learn the language ASAP, and the next will come later. Fortunately, in Germany, there are a quite number of the language institutions. Very talented teachers are giving these programs, also the system that they are following is included a mixture of the language learning, working place and some parts of the German culture.

When everything was prepared, so what have been missed and what should the arrivals do. The main point is being raised here. We should step back and ask our self “From where are the refugees and migrations getting their money?” for sure from somewhere. As this great country ‘Germany’ is financially run by the people themselves. Additionally, that money, which gives to the refugees, is from the people taxes. As the government was supposed to do, it did. The second part is by the refugees to act. The first task is learning the language whatever it costs and what efforts need to build this communication’s bridge. First of all, they must thank the German people and the German government of what they did for the refugees. Also, they must try to get this honour for being a part of the taxpayer like the others, and in order to complete the meaning of the integration.