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Plan & Planning


Prepared by: Hemn Nanakali
Date: 02.02.2016

What is planning?
Most often we were hearing the words of plan and planning. The plan is the whole activity that has been written from a point to another point to achieve a certain goal. It is a process for something, which should be appeared or achieved or developed at the end. So, planning is a collection of various actions. It starts from a point and must be ended in another point. Between these two points, there are a number of the complementary elements that each one contributes in a particular stance in the plan.

Why planning is important?
The plan makes time and resources to be manageable, additionally; it is visualizing the entire actions. Therefore, before taking any step, the plan’s body must be constructed in order to be followed. However, it shows which target should be obtained. In this respect, the fiscal issues will be easily allocated and counted.

What are the resources?
The resources can be accounted as a fuel, which they feed the plan to be reached the goal. There are several types of the resources such as human, fiscal, natural and etc. Each kind of plan needs a certain resource(s) to be run. The resources are being distributed based on the concept of 5W who will do what when and where.

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