We are
A group of the academician, who we believed in change. Also, we believe in the concept of “Give – to -Take”, which our duties are based on. In 2014 we have decided to establish our own forum in order to step more and develop our activity. As we have taken our ways through the academic research and we could address a number of the small case to be solved, similarly, we will deal with the bigger issues to be solved as well
Our Mission
Since there is no any kind of restriction for the hot issues, our missions are focused on the current issues, however, we have not neglected the valuable issues that have become a part of the history.
Humanity is the most interesting principle, which we are working on it. We are trying to break up this wall of just serving our self to serve the others. As much as we can, we will try to involve the academics and the non-academics to be contributed to our programs.