Aptamil PROSYNEO HA 1 formula from birth


At birth, a baby’s immune system is immature and slow to develop. There may be factors, such as the occurrence of allergies in the family, that affect immune system development and increase the risk of allergies in early childhood.
Our knowledge of breast milk and early childhood nutrition has enabled us to create our most advanced HA formula for the post-breastfeeding period. Thanks to gently broken down protein, APTAMIL® PROSYNEO ™ HA infant formula with SYNEO ™, our unique combination of GOS / FOS fiber mixture and Bifidus Breve as part of the bacterial family that occurs naturally in the intestines of infants, reduces the risk of allergy to cow’s milk protein.
PRO: hydrolyzed (gently split) protein SYNEO: our patented combination of GOS / FOS: fiber mixture & Bifidus Breve.

Also contains:
LCPs (Omega 3 & 6)
only lactose

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