Follow-on milk 2 after the 6th month

From birth, your baby develops individually and discovers itself and its environment. A balanced diet is particularly important for this. Our Babydream Follow-On Formula 2 can be used after the 6th month:

after breastfeeding or Babydream start milk 1
after any other starting milk when your baby is no longer full
You can switch from any other follow-on formula to Babydream Follow-on Formula 2 at any time. If you are unsure, we recommend talking to your midwife or pediatrician.

Cooperation with experienced nutritionists
strictly controlled and carefully selected ingredients
Constant analyzes and controls during production guarantee a high quality standard
DHA¹ – contributes to the normal development of eyesight
ALA – supports the development of brain and nerve cells
with vitamins A, C and D.
STRICTLY CONTROLLED developed by experts

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