Renew & Repair black & fiber liquid detergent


Perwoll with the Repair Complex strengthens the fiber elasticity, repairs micro-damage and thus prevents clothing from losing its shape.

Discover a new dimension of radiant dark clothing that looks like new. The new Perwoll Renew & Repair not only cleans your clothes, but also offers the highest level of care for your laundry. It smooths already roughened fibers, strengthens them and thus increases their elasticity. In addition, Perwoll Renew & Repair stands for optimal color refreshment, because it improves and protects the color intensity.

Perwoll Renew & Repair works in both cold and warm wash cycles and can be used for a variety of materials, including delicate laundry. Your worries about the clothes fading, shrinking or losing their shape during washing are now a thing of the past – with Perwoll Renew & Repair your clothes will look as new, smooth and shiny as on the first day after washing.

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